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The Secret To Getting Rid Of Carpet Fleas

Carpet fleas are one of the disgusting side effects of owning a dog.  Flea infestation can happen almost overnight and once the little buggers get into your carpet it can be tricky getting them out.  And the adults aren’t the worse part of the problem.  When they lay eggs, those eggs will nestle deep down in the nape of your carpet and it’s going to take some extra work to rid your rug of these varmints.

According to a Kansas University professor, vacuuming is the best way to remove adult fleas. In fact in his tests he found that 50 percent of the adults were swept up in the first pass.  However that still leaves 50 percent in the carpet and you can bet they are busy propagating.  

What that means is that a once a week vacuuming of your carpet is simply not going to cut it.  You need to do at least daily vacuuming to get up all the adults and as many of the eggs as you can.  Don’t forget to vacuum under furniture as well.  Move the couch and the chairs and get as good a cleaning as you can.  And once you have those fleas in the vacuum bag, you need to dispose of the bag preferably someplace away from the interior of your home.

Here’s a little tip if you don’t want to have to change bags every time you vacuum.  Buy a flea collar and then use scissors and cut it up into pieces.  Toss a piece or two into the vacuum bag before you start and your vacuum now becomes a flea gas chamber.  

If you think you have your carpet under control you’re probably wrong.  There most likely are still eggs waiting to hatch.  So you have two options.  You can just keep up the constant vacuuming and suck up the fleas as they hatch or you can get more radical.  

You can create an environment on your carpet that will prevent the eggs from hatching or kill the fleas immediately after they hatched.  You do this by treating the carpet with boric acid.  Probably the easiest way to do this, and it still takes work, is to use a laundry cleaner like Boraxo.  Liberally sprinkle it on your carpet and then take a garden rake and rake it in good.  Let it sit for four hours and then vacuum it up.

What this does is turn your carpet into a flea desert.  There will be absolutely no moisture and the fleas will not be able to survive.

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